This witchy trinket box, is perfect for crystals or other small items. This item is completely customizable. You can choose from a variety of mica powderss, alcohol inks, and glitters. Two lids available, either a star or sun.


Choose what colors of each item you would like, and then specify what you would like done with each in the comments box.


Mica powders are used for the zodiac signs detailing’s on the box and can also be used to color the resin. **ALL MICA IS PEARLESCENT EXCEPT FOR NO. 7 WHICH IS MATTE AND CHANGES COLOR WHEN EXPOSED TO HEAT**


Alcohol inks are used for coloring resin, whether it be for complete color or for swirls of color in clear resin. You can either have clear resin with color swirls of ink or different colored resins swirled together or one solid color. 


Glitters are used as a filler as are gold or silver flakes if added.


Use the custom box to explain exactly which colors, powders, etc you would like used and how you'd like them used. 


*the pictures given are not the only choices. They are just examples, though you can order one like a pixture if you'd like to*

Witchy Trinket Box